Tik-Ka, famous Hong Kong based artist, creator of the series ‘Tik Ka From The East’, known for incorporating traditional Chinese drawing styles within a modern art concept. He is pleased to announce that he is working on a NFT project - Tik Ka Tiger NFT, collaborating with a team. Stay tuned for the upcoming Tik Ka Tiger NFTs release! 

The project name Tik Ka Tiger comes from the artist's previous work, inspired by Hong Kong custom folk ‘Villain hitting’. The Chinese idiom ‘have a tiger by the tail’ means something too difficult to manage or cope with, while ‘taming the tiger’ in Chinese reflects the chance to escape or resolve this problem.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, local creator Tik Ka’s art works are imbued with deep cultural feeling. Influenced by Hong Kong East-meets-West culture, Tik Ka has created ‘Tik Ka From East’ – artworks that blend Eastern and Western style of art harmoniously and showcase the city’s unique culture. Tik Ka Tiger NFT is a collection of NFT artwork created based on the essence of ‘Tik Ka From East’, with an aim to promote the east-meets-west style of art, as well as introducing the Chinese culture tradition, such as Cantonese, marital art and its spirit, to people from every corner of the world through a Metaverse experience. 

Through Tik Ka Tiger NFT, we hope that ‘Tik Ka from East’ can reach a wider audience and inspire them to explore the spirits of the culture, We believe Tik Ka Tiger NFT supporters are fascinated by the beauty of the east-meets-west style of art. Your support is the key to the success of this project. Every Tik Ka Tiger NFT holder is encouraged to participate in our community in the Metaverse.

When we complete the primary goal and establish a stable community in phase 1, we will give back to the community with some of the revenue, and seek collaboration with NGOs that help conserve Hong Kong culture traditions. We are committed to reinforce our beliefs through online and offline channels. 

With the essence of decentralisation in web3, we would like to see active engagement in our community. Everyone is invited to discuss the development of Tik Ka Tiger NFT , while all of the first generation Tik Ka Tiger NFT holders are given the right to decide the future of Tik Ka Tiger NFT . 

Part of the profit generated by Tik Ka Tiger NFT will be used to purchase land on the Sandbox. We plan to open a ‘Tik Ka Tiger Metaverse’, a community place for our members to meet up and interact with each other. At the same time, we will also explore the feasibility of producing physical products and organizing offline exhibitions according to the opinions of supporters. 

We will publish the latest news on various platforms to keep our community up to date. 

When the sales of the Tik Ka Tiger NFT project reaches 1000 or above (including WL mint and Public Mint, but free mint is not included), within the announced timestamp period, all holders can get a Tik Ka Tiger NFT special edition vinyl “ The awakening Tiger” for free. 
*It is expected to ship by Q4 2023, and the shipping fee will be paid by this Tik Ka Tiger NFT holder.


Are you new to NFTs? No worries, we are here to help. Below are some steps on what you need to do to get your Tik Ka Tigers.   

Step 01
Download Metamask wallet at metamask.io - For desktop user, you will need to install Chrome/Brave browser extension - On Mobile, get an app of Metamask in App Store / Google Play.   

Step 02 
Purchase  Ethereum through the installed Metamask Wallet via Wyre, or Send Ethereum from an exchange like Coinbase.   

Step 03   
Click on Connect at the top of Tik Ka Tiger NFT website (www.tikkatiger-nft.io), then you will be able to purchase the NFTs while clicking Mint button. You will be prompted to sign and accept your transaction with an estimated gas. Note that if the gas fee paid is too low, the transaction time will become long, which may lead to the situation that the purchase order is still being sent but the goods are sold out , the final transaction will fail, and the NFT cannot be bought but the gas fee still needs to be paid.    

Step 04
Once you have made your purchase, your SHER NFTs will be viewable on OpenSea.


Tik Ka grew up in Hong Kong's colonial era, along with European, American and Japanese cultures including comics, movies, music and culture, while having a traditional Chinese background. Against such a culturally mixed background, Tik Ka created his pop art creation, "Tik Ka From East". All works and series are blended with east and west culture, and become the creation of Hong Kong's Mix and Match flavor. Among his many works, representative works such as Hambuddha, Santa Guan and the painting "Me and The Cat" (crossover with Fox movie) have been widely circulated internationally, making him an artist of international attention. Among them, his work "SuperHeros meet Chinese Opera" - Highly regarded by international media and individuals, including Stan Lee (Marvel chairman and director) and Robert Downey Jr.

2015 Star -Pot (Solo Exhibition) Hong Kong, London, Taiwan  
2016 Tik Ka From east solo exhibition - Taiwan 
2018 Exhibition @ The Park Lane Hong Kong -Hong Kong 
2018 Affordable art fair - Singapore 
2018 Complex Con - Los Angeles 
2019 Affordable art fair - Hong Kong 
2019 Shanghai Toy Show - Shanghai 
2019 Draw Movie - Hong Kong  
2019 Singapore Comic Con - Singapore 
2020 KIndEvil - Online Exhibition 
2021 Affordable art fair - Hong Kong  
2021 Tik Ka From East 5th Anniversary exhibition - Hong Kong 


Roar Wong



Naeun Choi


Q. ​​ When can we start to mint? 

The minting schedule will be announced on our Twitter account and DC group.

Q. How to mint​?

When the minting schedule is open, you can access http://www.tikkatiger-NFT.io and connect your Metamask wallet to mint.

Q. ​Do will have pre-sale??

Only the persons on whitelist can join the pre-sale . Check out our Twitter and DC to know the latest events information.

Q. Who is the NFT holder?

If you own Tik Ka Tiger NFT . It means you also have the right to trade the NFTs on Opensea.